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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enhance your Life 360Degrees

A handful of successful leaders have joined forces to create something COOL, UNIQUE and REVOLUTIONARY.
On May 15, 2010, all bets are off. The gloves come off and it’s game on. These leaders are pulling out all the stops to create a brand-new company that you can call home.
You won’t find our proven, simple, duplicable system anywhere else. The vision is fearless. The diverse leadership team is uniquely qualified and positioned to support you. 
The invitation to our company carries the full 360-degree promise of improving by degrees in everything we do.
Our ultimate goal is to help you come 360 degrees with your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.
You don’t have to sell anything to make big money. Our philosophy on products is simple.
We believe in Smart Products in all areas of life, and that’s what we’re bringing to the world. 
If you’re lucky enough to try our good stuff first, you will see it’s infused with a patented delivery system that you cannot get anywhere else. A special little secret potion to ramp up everything we make.

360 Degrees offers BIG MONEY Opportunity.
Some network marketing companies reward only a few people at the top. 360 isn’t for just a few people – it’s for everyone. That’s why we reward everyone who sells our products and services with more commissions and bonuses at all levels. It starts with a low threshold for earning that first check so you see quick results.
We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of our system, we’ll guarantee you a minimum check of $100 per month once you reach a very achievable level of success. Plus, we’ll pay you on a pre-loaded debit card every week – no waiting on commissions for months on end.
We have a 100% Matching Bonus that we like to call the Million Dollar Match, because we pay out $1 Million on every person who completes our Compensation Plan. That’s $500,000 to them, and $500,000 to their sponsor. Just imagine: Every person you enroll pays out a 100% Matching Bonus to you. With a Comp Plan like this, we’re going to revolutionize the network marketing industry.
Being first in something BIG can be life changing. Being first here can turn your life around. Our system is so unique and so viral that hundreds of thousands will hear about it overnight. You have the opportunity to get paid on everyone who locks their spot after you, whether you referred them or not. EVERYONE. That’s not a typo. EVERYONE who locks in after you can make you money.
We want to reward more people, more often. This system will bring the direct sales industry to its knees. That said, grab hold, lock in now, and hang on. The information coming is so incredible, you may just want to tell a few others about it. Now get to it and tell everyone to “Lock Your Spot!”
I joined on April 03, 2010 and currently I have : 31,539 in my Smartline Downline. These are the people
assigned to me by the system after I joined.